DCIM100MEDIADJI_0106.JPGIt has been over 20 years since PEB Steel first came to Vietnam. Along with our partners, the company has gained tremendous achievements through the years.

In this series of newsletter, we are pleased to inform that our new factory in Myanmar will be ready soon. Located in Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ), this 30,000 sqm new factory will be equipped with the latest advanced technologies and designs such as PEB Hybrid systems, PEBFoam insulations, Ridge Ventilation RV3.0. The total investment of twenty-five million dollars will make this new factory the most impressive project in TSEZ.  

PEB Steel is proud to mark another milestone in our journey. We are thankful to all our loyal partners for their continuous supports and looking forward to achieving more greater successes together in Myanmar.


At PEB Steel, we have social activities which are chances to show our care for society and raise awareness of social responsibility widespread among people.


This year, we came back to visit House for the Blind in Phu Hoang Dong hamlet, Cu Chi district. About 100 elderly and orphans are living together in a rental tiny old house which is difficult for those people to meet their needs.



PEB Steel has delivered essential commodities as well as happiness and joyful moments. We will continue to implement those activities for society contribution and hope to stimulate others as well.



Ngày 6 tháng 5 vừa qua, PEB Steel đã tổ chức chuyến đi từ thiện, trở về thăm mái ấm người mù tại huyện Củ Chi, nơi chúng tôi đã từng tới thăm vào năm ngoái. Dẫu cho hoàn cảnh sống nơi đây vẫn còn nhiều khó khăn và thiếu thốn nhưng chúng tôi vẫn được chào đón với những tình cảm thật nồng nhiệt, thân thiện và gần gũi.


Nơi chúng tôi chọn tới thăm là mái ấm của hơn 100 cụ già và trẻ mồ côi với những khiếm khuyết trên cơ thể. Vì chưa được biết đến nhiều cũng như thiếu sự hỗ trợ cần thiết nên điều kiện sống của mọi người ở đây vô cùng khó khăn.


Tham gia hoạt động lần này, chúng tôi mang tới những con người nơi đây không chỉ là những sản phẩm thiết yếu thường ngày, mà là cả những tình cảm, sự quan tâm và cảm thông.


Thông qua những hoạt động thiện nguyện này, PEB Steel mong muốn nâng cao ý thức của cộng đồng đối với trách nhiệm xã hội đồng thời góp phần giúp đỡ những hoàn cảnh bất hạnh trong xã hội.



PEB Steel invests in Myanmar

PEB Steel announced the imminent opening of a new steel fabrication facility in Myanmar in 2016.

The $15 million facility, PEB’s first in Myanmar, is due to officially open in the third quarter of 2016 and is located in Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) and occupies an area of approximately 30,000m2.

Advanced technology, formulated and developed by PEB, is a key feature of the construction which also makes use of innovative materials including PebHybrid for the joists and mezzanine beams, an improved ridge ventilation system (RV 3.0) and PebFoam insulation for improved energy efficiency.

After being established 22 years ago, PEB has become a leading player in the global steel fabrication industry. This extensive experience of fabrication and construction projects in combination with continuous research, development and technical improvements has helped to create pioneering products and buildings.

These innovative structures include the Taekwang Vina factory, used for production of Nike shoes which has achieved LEED certification at Tay Ninh. Other notable projects include the Jooco Dona factory in Dong Nai which has a clear span of 96 metres, the four-story Aeon Mall car parking lot in Cambodia and a 127m hangar for Lufthansa Airlines in the Philippines.

Speaking about PEB Steel’s strategic decision to invest in Myanmar the executive chairman, Mr. Sami Kteily stated: “We have been successful in Vietnam. Our commitment to continuous development and the application of the latest industry developments and standards in our practical operations has resulted in some remarkable projects being completed. Due to these factors, PEB Steel is absolutely confident of becoming a success in Myanmar”.


HA NOI – April 08, 2017, Golden Dragon Award celebrated its 16th year as the first-class award in Vietnam; in which, PEB Steel is proud to be in the list of its awarded enterprises objectively evaluated in various economic and social aspects, for the fifth time. Within the space of the luxurious JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, PEB Steel representative – Mr. Nabil Khalaf was invited on stage for PEB’s effort in delivering “Best Products” to the market.

pre engineered buildings

Mr. Nabil Khalaf – Plants Manager, is receiving Testimonial and Crystal Medal for “Best Products” Award

This fifth year of being recognized in the list of excellent companies gives PEB Steel the pride to have a claim to our best quality and second-to-none engineering services.

Thanks to such precious chance, PEB Steel was enjoying a wonderful time meeting other dedicated foreign and local businesses, to share and exchange business ideas together with our latest technology in product and process innovation.

Standing with CEOs from 60 other foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs), such as Samsung Vietnam, Chinfon Cement, Deloitte Vietnam, Unilever, and Honda, and 100 local enterprises in the theme of “Efficient Business Production Associated with Environmental Protection”, PEB Steel is delighted to know that the company strategy “Green for life” emphasizing on the importance of environmental-friendly materials is a significant step in the right direction to strengthen the leading position.

pre engineered buildings

Certificate for the “Best Products”

pre engineered buildings

Crystal medal represents PEB Steel’s fifth achievement

“This recognition is considered from many perspectives, such as production and business activities, service provision, application of technological solutions for environmental protection, full implementation of tax obligations, ensuring employee rights, and actively participating in social activities.” (Vietnam Economic Times, 2017)

Click below to discover more about PEB’s past awards in GDA for a number of years in succession:



All Wells International Ltd Company Vietnam was established in 2005, and started its business activities in 2012. All Wells headquarter locates in Vung Tau, Southern of Vietnam, with about 5,000 employees.


Photo: All Wells warehouse from front.

This company belongs to a Taiwan investor in shoes and leather industry. The company manufactures balls for volleyball, football, basketball as well as globes, bags for well-known companies over the world as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Kappa, Wilson, etc.

IMG_8847   IMG_8848

Photo: All Wells from inside. Places for manufacturing leather and shoes.

PEB Steel Buildings is proud of providing full package for this warehouse, from designing to erecting. Weight of this factory is 2,500 Metric tons with three floors for many different departments in manufacturing processes. Besides ensuring high quality for the building, we also care for employee health and environment through our best solutions.

All Well

Photo: Green warehouse with trees

All Wells is one of our remarkable project in Vietnam, illustrates our commitment with vision “Be the bench mark in steel buildings industry” through “product Perfection, engineering Excellence, and the Best customer services”.

  IMG_8842  IMG_8856             


IMG_8848   IMG_8851            

…. And ceilings.